Our Approach

We believe in a data-driven approach to talent development. By leveraging human capital data-based insights, we ensure that our recommendations align with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. Our experienced team of consultants has a combined 75+ years of expertise in various industries, including healthcare, oil and gas, distribution, retail, government entities, non-profits, and more.


Our team of trusted advisors focuses on amplifying and creating high-performance, inclusive, and diverse teams. By setting individual and team goals, we foster a work environment that drives the achievement of organizational objectives. We work closely with leadership teams to define the competencies required for leaders, managers, and individual contributors at all levels of the organization to successfully meet business goals.


The world of work is rapidly changing, and we help organizations adapt by focusing on upskilling and reskilling the workforce. With the rise of digitization and automation, the shelf life of skills has significantly reduced. We assist organizations in rethinking their approach to talent development, seeing employees through the lens of skills and capabilities, and proactively managing workforce changes to ensure long-term resilience.

Building With Purpose And Inclusivity

We firmly believe in building with purpose and inclusivity. We have the expertise and tools to diagnose developmental competency needs and embed them into experiential upskilling content. This approach ensures that all team members understand their purpose and are more effective in communicating, leading to reduced conflicts and improved engagement and productivity.


We recommend a comprehensive discovery assessment as the foundation of any talent development strategy. Our qualitative discovery process involves confidential focus groups, surveys, and one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders and influencers from all business units as well as a formal review of previous and current engagement and climate surveys and the talent management process. This enables us to ascertain the organization’s written and unwritten policies and processes. Our data-driven approach informs the development of a strategic plan with measurable objectives to build sustainable, high-performance teams


Experiential learning and education are essential components of upskilling. We offer courses for leaders, managers, and individual contributors in areas such as emotional intelligence, conflict management, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership skills, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, executive coaching, and more. Our flexible course catalog caters to diverse learning preferences, including live-in-person, train-the-trainer, virtual facilitated sessions, and self-paced e-learning.

At Global Ascent Consulting Corporation, we are driven by your vision and values. We are committed to helping organizations thrive in a rapidly changing world by investing in their people, building inclusive teams, and offering strategic guidance for sustained success. Our approach empowers organizations to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.